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The current economic trouble period deeply challenges past certainties.

Today every advertiser is aware that both brand equity creation and sales development cannot thrive without communication.

But today communicating is no longer facing potential clients with a message !

Before we think of "potential clients" we must focus on individuals for whom the ambient communication of thousands of different brands has simply become an everyday background noise... We have entered the era of the attention economy!

Nowadays a brand must therefore create a durable and renewed experience for the consumer, aiming first at his/her "share of mind", and then at his/her "share of heart", with the goal of finally reaching a presence on his/her shopping list.


Therefore, we mix :

» behavioural insights, relative to the target consumers of your product
» the specific situation of your brand in its competitive field
» a rigorous, innovative and cost-effective mastery of all communication channels

to build communication strategies that provide your brands with more value.

This process has been integrated into a rigorous and proprietary approach: COMPASS.