May 2010

May 6, 2010. During the AMMA ceremony, Space has been awarded the prize for Best Media Research 2009 for the M&Ms TV+Web case study (see also the module "case studies" on this website). This yearly award is granted to a survey that has been particularly innovative, with a robust methodology and with results as widely publicized as possible. In four years, it is the fist time that a media agency wins it.

The selection has been made after public voting and decision of a technical jury consisting of almost 15 professionals coming from all sides of the advertising market. They particularly appreciated the rather straightforward design, the daring methodology and above all the cross media approach. The M&Ms TV+Web survey has been already reported in the trade press (Pub 10/12/2009, Media & Marketing Nov-Dec 2009) and even on TV (RTBF, Interm├ędias, 11/12/2009). The UK based magazine Admap also published an article in March 2010, entitled "TV and web are an unbeatable team".