The era of specialization of the communication vectors is over. As a media agency, our role is to work with an integrated communication plan.  We bring together all possible solutions, such as the digital one, by developing media planning tools which use the same norms and terminology than the traditional media.

As internet continues its household penetration, the webvertising is becoming a mass media that can not be avoided.


This “super media” allows the combination of different objectives above and below the line : image improvement, increase of brand awareness, generates traffic and most importantly, assures a one to one contact with the consumer.

Along side with this new media, a series of studies and tools appear. These bring and input on the strategic and tactical level as well as on the quantitative and qualitative level.
To only mention a few important ones: the CIM plurimedia survey, CIM Metriweb, CIM Metriprofil, the Belgian Media Mapping (BMM), our third party adserver & Rich media platform Eyeblaster, our own tailor-made surveys, international trends,...
The simultaneous exploitation of these different sources allows a prior construction and a subsequent evaluation of a communication action.

Benchmarks can also be withdrawn, going from the general to the specific.


We are able to deliver efficiency through all online tools

• webvertising (bannering, content integration, content sponsoring) on sites and mobile sites
• social networking
• database creation
• iDTV
• search engine marketing
• e-mail marketing
• ...

We look for THE tailor-made formula, the one that speaks about THE brand to ITS consumer, for companies like  Electrabel, Procter & Gamble, Mars, SNCB, Ethias, D´Ieteren, La Poste/De Post,...