Market intelligence @ Space

Market Intelligence department consists of a team of (currently) 6 experts. It covers different fields :

trends.jpg Media Trends : Space is well-known for authoritative analyses and opinions on Belgian media evolution. It covers circulation and audience developments, ad investments monitoring on a market basis and various other surveys. You may find either in the Spac´Essentials newsletters (see elsewhere) or in different sources, such as professional press, associations (UBA, GRP, IAB etc) or research institutes (WARC).
  forecasttv.jpg TV forecast : in these times of audience fragmentation, Space has a proprietary process for TV viewing forecast, linked to buying & planning systems.


Competition intelligence : quantitative or qualitative, our specialists carefully follow our clients´ competitive advertising, providing them with message content, media plans, gross expenditures and above all insights


Modelling/econometrics : based on sales figures, tracking data, or even online keywords, Space has developed a local expertise in modelling & forecasting communication effectiveness. It enables us either to analyse ourselves or to translate sophisticated econometric research into actionable insights for our clients.


Consumer insights : our most recent area of expertise. For years, we have been putting consumer at the centre of our analyses. Today we are able to perform or analyse large quantitative surveys or - if needed - distil the useful information coming from focus groups, qualitative research or even unexploited client´s research.
  research.jpg Last but not least, Space stands as an expert in fundamental research in topics such advertising effectiveness,media complementarity, online vs offlne communication effectiveness, etc. You may find contributions from Space in Spac´Essentials newsletters, in academic books or on the Worldwide Readership Research Symposium.